Waimate Gym is a modern fitness centre catering for individual training.

A wide range of equipment for both cardiovascular and strength training is available, from treadmills & cross-trainers, through multigym stations to free weights.  

The gym occupies a purpose built space in the Waimate Event Centre and offers 24/7 access for members, who include those new to exercise as well as the very fit.  

We have an approximately 50:50 ratio of men to women, and the gym has also been used by differently-abled people (although a training partner is recommended for wheelchair users).

Dedicated shower and toilet facilities are available.  

It operates on a not-for-profit basis and is managed by volunteers from the local charity, Waimate Health Developments. Fees are kept to a minimum and concessions are available for high school students (minimum age 16 years) and the over-70s.

The membership is friendly and help is always available.  To view the gym rules click here.

Join us and get fit!