Key tags.

The fitness centre is located within the Waimate Event Centre, 15 Paul St. The space is rented from Waimate District Council, but the council is not involved in running the gym, nor in membership decisions. 

However, security is managed by WDC as owner of the building, and key tags are issued by council on presentation of a completed application form. These forms are issued when an induction session is completed.

WDC makes a charge of $15 for the key tag, and lost tags must be reported to council promptly (you will be responsible for the tag until it is cancelled). Replacements cost $15. However, once purchased a key tag can be updated as many times as requested. 

Key tags are usually dated to the end of the current quarter, and can be automatically updated on receipt of a renewal payment. This will usually be done on the next working day, but please allow 2 complete working days.