Health & Safety Statement

An induction session is a pre-requisite to joining as a new member, it's purpose being:

1. To ensure all members remain safe and do not create a hazard for other users, those involved in running the gym or any contractors working on site.

2. To help members get the best out of the gym, and to develop effective exercise practice.

3. To ensure that all users are aware of their security responsibility, and the correct procedure for shutting down and locking-up  the gym when leaving. 

The minimum age for membership is 16 years old.

Cameras are in operation for safety and security; confidentiality will be respected.

All equipment is a safety hazard. There are multiple tripping hazards, sharp edges and loose weights which can all cause injury. 

Every weight and station must be used correctly; this does not entirely exclude the possibility of injury, either by slip, trip or fall, or due to over-straining, pulling or rupturing muscles and tendons etc. 

Remember, for weight training, "less is often more" and "good is good, and bad is bad" ie do the exercises carefully, under control and with weights allowing a full range of movement without using ancillary muscles to create movement. 

Treadmills, exercise cycles, cross-trainers and other cardio equipment can all result in a fall if used incorrectly. In particular, slow down on treadmills before stopping and allow time for the machine to respond to new inputs.

Wear clean gym kit, especially shoes. Ideally do not use outdoor shoes in the gym, or if you do ensure the soles are clean. Small stones are brought in on shoes and can damage equipment, in particular the treadmills.  Members who train in dirty footwear will not be able to renew. 

If you see a collection of dirt or loose stones, pick them up. It is everyone's responsibility to keep the training area clean and safe. 

No sticky drinks (including energy drinks and protein shakes) or food to be consumed in the gym. A drinking fountain is available on site. 

No user may be under the influence of alcohol or drugs, including sedating medications. 

In emergency there are two exits; the secondary exit should only be used in emergency; false alarms attract a fine which may be passed on to the person opening the door.

In the event of earthquake move away from free-standing weights stacks etc if possible. If not possible, drop, cover and hold. 

Members may view the full H+S policy by appointment. Contact