Get Training

This is a full programme and you may not have time for everything each visit.  You can do one half one day and the other the next time you're in the gym, but always warm up and cool down whatever the session. 

If you miss something out, make sure you don't work the same muscle group until you're fully fit - for instance, don't go from the rowing machine to doing quads/hamstring work on the multi-gym.  Once you are used to gym sessions, you can do this - some people alternate upper and lower body work on consecutive sessions, but to start with you want to get everything used to the various pieces of equipment. 

If you're short of time do a cardio session with a few weights exercises.  Once you get used to the routine, vary it a bit or it'll become boring. 

You can also do a cardio based workout where you do longer on the treadmill/cross trainer.  If I'm on the treadmill I set a constant speed and vary the incline to make me work harder - I do a series of pyramids for 30 mins or so - try 2 minute intervals at zero, 1,2,3,2,1 and zero inclines - or vary the speed in an interval session. Do different things and it won't get boring!

On your first few sessions find out your base level weights on the multi-gym stations/free weights - be aware that some days you'll feel you could lift twice as much, and other times you'll wonder if you can lift anything at all!  After a session you should feel as if you've been working, but you shouldn't feel as if you can barely crawl out of the door.  If you don't feel a bit tiredd when you go, you're not working hard enough!


Pre-routine notes

This routine will take you through all the major muscle groups and also increase your cardio strength and endurance. 

As a general starter, if you're using multi-gym stations make sure they're set-up to fit you - they're not 'one size fits all'.  For instructions on how to set up the machinery click here.

Warm up

Before you start exercising you need to warm up so that you don't strain muscles.  Good for this are the spinning bikes or cross trainer, but you can also use the rowing machines or treadmill (just start off fairly gently and don't go straight into a hard interval session). 

Once your muscles have been worked for around10 mins you can start the programme. However, when you're first starting, if you feel really tired after 5 mins ease off a bit - you don't want to get totally exhausted before getting in to the routine!










Cool Down

Spinning bike

5-10 mins as a cool down - not too strenuous but steady. 



Do some stretching after exercise, especially if you've worked big muscle groups in your legs. 

Some posters for stretching should be up in the gym shortly, and I find the most useful ones are for quads, hamstrings, and long & short calf muscles.