Frequently asked questions

Do you do casual sessions where I can just turn up, pay a fee and train?  

No, we operate at minimum cost and cannot employ a gym supervisor for casual sessions, as fees would need to increase about fourfold.

Why do we pay extra for the key tag? 

The building and its security is managed by Waimate District Council, who supply and control the key tags. They make a $15 charge for this.

Can I lend my friend my key? 

No, key tags and a gym membership are strictly individual. Occasionally, where two people always train together, only one key tag is required but it is not transferable.

I have visitors coming to stay; can I take them to the gym? 

Vistors to town may join and attend with a current gym member. Key tags will not be issued. Membership will require an induction session even for experienced gym users for health and safety reasons etc. The minimum membership will be one month ($40).  Email here for more information.

Can I take my under 16-year-old with me? They would always be with me. 

No, the minimum age for membership is 16 years. This is for health, safety and insurance reasons.

My friend is interested in joining. Can I take her in with me? 

No, but e-mail us and we will arrange a visit so that she can see what is available.

I'm back from college for the holidays. Can I use the gym again? 

Yes, e-mail with your request here.

Can I take a personal trainer or spotter in with me? They won't be using the equipment. 

Yes, but all users must be gym members, so personal trainer or spotter, coaches, physiotherapist etc all need their own membership. This is only fair as they are using the gym for their business. Learn more.

Do you offer training advice for new users? 

Yes, there is specific advice on how to use the equipment on this website, the induction helps new users get started and the committee and members are all very friendly and prepared to help. However, if you have particular goals or needs, dedicated help from a personal trainer or physio may be best. You engage and pay them directly.

Can I arrange to run a class in the fitness centre at a quiet time? 

No, the gym is set up for individual training, and members use the facilities throughout the day (and night 24/7 access to members). It is not fair to ask regular members to work around a class, and it would not be safe or reasonable for you to work around them.

Suppose I change my mind?

Provided this is done before starting to use the gym we will refund your payment, less a $25 admin charge.

Can I change the music?

No, members requested music and chose the tracks.  There is a wide range to suit all tastes, and of course you can still use your earphones.  The volume is a compromise based on the tracks chosen and equipment in use at the time.  Please do not play your own music without earphones.