Waimate Health Developments 

Waimate Health Developments (Inc) is a local charity which has been involved in a number of health initiatives within the town. Initially established to operate a day care facility for the elderly, the charity assisted with a generous contribution when this service was transferred to Lister Home.

The main focus at present is the operation of the Waimate Gym, providing low cost access to a modern, well-equipped training facility for the community. A significant donation was made toward building the Waimate Event Centre, and we are proud to be operating from this most modern facility.


Waimate Health Developments Committee.  

Left to right:  Vanessa Morgan, Crispin Langston, Chris Rolfe, Martin Mehrtens, Shirley Blondell, Vince Cullen, Colin Dore.

Vince has now moved on, and Phil Walton has taken his place. With a background and qualifications in physical education and training he will be a great asset to Waimate Gym.